Date Taken: 07/30/2007 5:31pm

You were there when I took this picture... at that moment I never thought I would see this beautiful scene without you someday, when I look at it now... It looks the same but somehow I see it differently…

Master of The Darkness


Since childhood I knew I was different, in what way? I don't know… but I was different ..
that I

know very well

Of course I was, otherwise what is the explanation of this look I have from the people around


I'm used to it now ..that look, and it became a part of my life but I always play stupid and act

as if I don’t know , close my eyes so that I can't read what is written in their eyes, but soon the

reality face me and my soul would read it to stop the illusion I live at , so I see how my love

was met and crushed .. at that moment .. when everyone disappear and I stand alone in the

darkness , choke in my throat suffocates me.. my breathes are tattering .. my heart is rusting

.. my soul is eroding .. at that moment only .. I see him..standing there covered by the

clouds of darkness but I don’t need the light to see him .. I can see him and I know who is

he...my usual foolishness made me forget him... I forgot that I'm not alone in this place... I

forgot that the darkness didn’t role this place, he is there... He is always there... No matter

how empty was this place...? He is always there to fill it... at that moment I smile and think

how stupid of me how I can forget him... However others sow me... however understood me it

doesn't matter... I only have to think that there is someone in this universe who doesn't see

me that way... Someone sees in me something other than others... maybe he doesn't see

anything at all but that's enough for me... It's enough for me that his saintly eyes weren't

contaminated by that look... Pure I can see the life through them and
that... Is a bliss for

That... Is enough for me,,



about me

Welcome everyone..

I wasn't planning to post anything here after what happened but I guess I will give it a try
what you can find here is nothing but blah blah about my thoughts and my writings
hope you will like it,,